In an increasingly globalized and competitive market, the management of credit risk gains increasing importance and has become one of the key pillars for the development of a company. In partnership with our clients, Costa Duarte has been particularly active in the Export Credit Protection. All companies are different, as well as their protection needs, so we believe that buying credit insurance should be done with specialist support.

As a specialist in the management of Credit Insurance, we provide a specialized support in the analysis, selection, recommendation and implementation of solutions that allow mitigating the risk of non-receipt of credit sales of goods and services, made in Portugal and abroad. Credit Insurance provides the following services to companies:

• access to a professional and specialized service for the collection and recovery of debts by accredited entities;

• systematic analysis of the credit portfolio of clients;

• contribute to the improvement of trade policy, allowing the focus on customers with higher credit capacity;

• reduction of risk exposure on customers who have less ability to assume the credit.

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Costa Duarte has been particularly focused in supporting the internationalization process of Portuguese companies, either through its own offices in Angola or as a member of ICBA, an international network of brokers specializing in Credit Insurance.

This international network allows us to locally support Portuguese companies on the five continents, as well as to provide solutions to our clients to which the Portuguese market has difficult access.